Smart Data for Schools

AskEddi is a leading school improvement platform. We can transform the way your school collects, interprets and acts on education data.

askEddi is a high quality whole school improvement platform that turns data into meaningful, actionable information.  

Our platform works with your existing MIS. It reduces administration and data analysis so you have more time to act and deliver impact where it matters.

The Open Data Project for Schools in association with ASCL is now live. Sign up now to take part!

“The education sector is lagging behind other sectors who are using new technologies and new approaches with data. askEddi have developed a way of organising data so schools can spend much more time focusing on intervention.”

Duncan Baldwin, Deputy Director of Policy, ASCL


Benchmark, compare and share success


Use data to inform school improvement

Work Smarter

More effective data, less time

askEddi can transform the way your school uses data by providing both granular insights on individual pupils, and overall performance data for whole schools, trusts and regions.

Staff across the entire school can use the askEddi platform to interpret and assess data, and use the analysis to make informed decisions and interventions.

School Leaders have accurate and timely information to support whole school improvement initiatives.

At the end of the day you just want your teachers teaching, planning and feeding back, and we want to use data to inform that. The data has got to be readily accessible so it becomes our tool and not us being a slave to the data.

David Waugh, Head Teacher & Vice President, ASCL

School Leaders

Use data to improve performance


Focus on teaching, not admin

Data Staff

Use live, reliable data for reporting

Start delivering impact where it matters

For the first time schools can see the whole student "story" through effective data collection and interpretation - and it's easier than ever!

Benefits across the whole school:

Head Teacher

Implement a School Improvement System to track and measure progress

Get instant access to all data sources

Empower teachers to self-serve data needs

Reduce teacher workload and stress

Reduce administration overheads

Support targeted learning interventions

Real time intervention strategies with QLA assessment

Work with data driven efficiency & performance gains


Achieve better teaching outcomes supported by QLA assessment

Make data input and analysis fast and simple

Access results and comparisons in real time – no waiting

Reduce the number of hours spent on data administration and manual analysis

Achieve a better work life balance

Gain better insight of student performance and improve student progress

Data Manager / Attendance Lead

Make your school self-service-focused through easy access to reports and analysis

Eliminate labour intensive processes and improve data integrity

Greater flexibility in Class Provisioning

Personalised reports for every teacher & school leader

No more CSV file updates for data system integrity

GDPR compliant system

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