Attendance Matters

Track attendance in a meaningful way

Attendance Matters, and the advanced module Attendance Matters Plus, will unify your school’s attendance data reporting and intervention processes so your whole team can effectively support pupils.

Forward thinking school leaders can gain insights and understanding into school performance and pupil progress with more effective attendance tracking and managed intervention. School processes are transformed by up to date information and bespoke reports presented in a simple way. This helps manage everyday attendance issues and intervene on recurring or escalating problems.

Attendance is one of the biggest challenges that schools face, more than ever in these challenging times. If pupils aren’t in school then they are not learning, and schools are subject to increasing scrutiny over poor and persistence absence.

Pupils with regular attendance are likely to achieve more and access better opportunities. We help schools to work smarter on their attendance management to help pupils achieve their full potential.

Covid-19 Code X – Attendance Matters now includes same day breakdown of Covid-19 absences using Code X data to help schools record, manage and report all coronavirus related absences in one simple dashboard.

“Attendance is not something that you can improve by reflecting on it a year later, you have to do it there and then.”

– Drew Duncan, Executive Headteacher: Mossley Hollins High School and Droylsden Academy.

askEddi is a whole school improvement platform supporting school leaders, data managers and teachers. We transform the way your school collects, interprets and acts on attendance and assessment data.

Our core product Attendance Matters provides a straightforward, highly effective attendance analysis system that works with your existing MIS. This means that you and your team have more time to deliver impact where it matters.

Advanced attendance analytics dashboards support building specialist reports to help schools meet their attendance targets, especially with persistent absence and interventions.


The AskEddi platform takes information from the existing MIS and aggregates it in Attendance Matters to create simple dashboards showing attendance information with easy to use actionable filters.

  • View attendance data by groups; key stage, registration, year or institution. This could be grouped by age (form, year) and characteristic (PP, SEN, EAL etc) and any combination of the two. These can be exported, printed out and presented.
  • Up to date information to prepare for interviews with pupils and their parents/guardians.
  • Can be used every morning by form tutors to track and manage their form.
  • Can be used by attendance managers and SLT on a weekly basis to manage their KPIs.

Record, report and act on attendance data in real time.

Staff Dashboard

For information on groups (forms, years, pupil premium, SEN and more) for which they have pastoral responsibility.

Pupil Dashboard

Showing a snapshot of individual attendance patterns to identify trends, causes for concern and the need for intervention.

Attendance Analytics

To compare attendance rates between different cohorts and across different time periods and academic years.

“It all fundamentally starts with attendance. If we can get 100% attendance, if we can get everyone in the classroom, that’s when teaching and learning will have the biggest impact.”

– David Waugh, Head Teacher, Great Academy Ashton


  • Improved implementation of school-wide attendance measures.
  • Automated sync with a school’s MIS for same-day reporting.
  • Reduced workload: less time spent preparing manual reports and analytics.
  • More time for intervention.
  • All staff (form tutor to SLT) can easily access the information that they need to work towards improving and managing attendance.
  • Schools can be proactive instead of reactive.

Ask us how Attendance Matters can make a difference in your school:

“School data tends to be published after the end of the school year, meaning that pupils have already left and it’s too late to do anything about issues like attendance. We are using the data when it’s live, accurate and up to date to look at current pupils and their performance.”

– Duncan Baldwin, Head Teacher, Castle Rock School