So that was Bett 2018.

Observations? What a show! Technology in education is just getting started and boy can stand builders make a shed load of money!

Each day began at 6.30am with inconsiderate motorbike riders revving engines outside of the apartment window, they obviously imagined they were at Brands Hatch! Being the caring team member that I am, I chose to then wake the EDDi team up in sympathy and explain the situation, for which they were deeply impressed!

By 8am we were inbound to the Excel Centre and the glorious London traffic graciously parted like the Red Sea to let us arrive in plenty of time on every day of the show…surely this is a unique experience!

Our stand was within the Microsoft Education Campus, which consisted of two large floor spaces that had every conceivable piece of hardware and software for a school. Whether you were interested in VR or Lego, the Microsoft team were there in force to explain the future and generally bring clarity to products like Teams and amaze with products like Minecraft.

As for our experience we were delighted to speak to over 500 visitors from around the world.

As a startup business we were fortunate to be able to work seamlessly with fellow Microsoft Premier Partner, BFC Networks –

Together we showcased a series of groundbreaking products – – the first fully automated solution for Microsoft School Data Sync and – – the unique Question Level Analysis product that delivers formative assessment results in real time.

These products were warmly received by our guests and we will be conducting a series of webinars throughout February as a result of the interest from MAT’s, school leaders and teachers.

Reserve your free place here –

The true value of Bett 2018 though is in the long term partnerships that are now evolving. They will help this ambitious startup achieve the growth we need and as we move through 2018, the real value of this trade show will reveal itself and we expect to find that opportunity really did lie around every corner.

Adrian McDonald  –  07708 182032  –  @eddikno