Whatever your role in your education organisation, EDDi will be able to help you in practical everyday ways.

Teachers, Lecturers, administrators and leaders can now all benefit from the EDDi platform.

Please choose a role and see how EDDi can help you!

MAT Leader/Business Manager

Can we track progress across each school in our MAT?

Yes you can!

Assessor gives every school a unique insight into the attainment challenges and opportunities across the organisation. Question Level Assessment will become the power behind the EDDi and the world leading predictive analytics platform that it will become.

All of the reports generated by your schools will be able to be standardised and aggregated to form a series of ‘global’ MAT reports – Spring 2018

There will be no restriction as to the level of detail the MAT can drill down too, with comparison by subject, year and school all being available and notifications of exceptions can be created.

Can we see all of our schools data across a variety of systems and multiple schools?

Yes you can!

EDDI works across all major UK MIS platforms and applications.

There is no need for a Multi-Academy Trust to ask that schools change existing systems and incur unnecessary costs.

Can we cut costs of education apps?

Yes you can!

EDDi allows an organisation to implement an app strategy that removes duplication and bring consistency across the organisation.

Every school will be able to integrate app information into EDDi and a MAT can then analyse the data the apps are holding to evaluate the effectiveness of those applications.

This creates a stronger business case and allows investment in learning resources to be targeted and measured.

Can schools work together to deliver real educational change across a MAT?

Yes you can! Coming Soon – Q2 2018 – EDDi “Insight”

“Shared best practice” is commonly accepted to be an untapped knowledge resource for MAT’s.

EDDi ‘Insight’ will enable you to see what lessons, content and feedback delivered the best results across classes, subjects and schools in every school in your MAT, in a consistent and easy to interpret form.

Schools can then share knowledge with other schools in the same MAT and understand how to achieve “marginal gains” and better outcomes across the MAT.


Can we track progress across each school in our MAT?

Yes they can!

EDDi ‘Assessor’ enables every teacher to see the results of formative assessment instantly

The teacher will have all of the feedback and insight to hand the following day and will be able to shape the next lesson to support each student and will be able to re-teach as appropriate

We call this “agile teaching”

Can I keep track of my students learning when working with various resources in the class and online?

Yes you can! Coming Soon – Q2 2018 – PowerUP

PowerUP is the within EDDi allows teachers to set students learning objectives with targets to achieve as part of formative assessment planning.

The data on each student shows time spent studying, which areas of interest they are working in and when the student is during the week.

For the first time you will have instant access to all of the data relating to that student.

Can students have access to their performance data?

Yes they can! Coming Soon – Q2 2018!

The EDDi app gives the student a “My Performance” page, which shows their projected grades and their current attainment.

EDDi also believes that self reflection and understanding are critical elements of a student’s learning.

The EDDi app allows the student to give feedback information to their teacher and to understand how their performance is against learning objectives.

Head Teacher/Head of Year/Subject Leader

Can I track the progress of a student or class with insight into attainment, attendance assessment, homework and behaviour throughout a term?

Yes you can! Coming Soon – Q2 2018 – The Unified Data Model (UDM) is available through PowerUP

The UDM aggregates live data from all data sources including MIS and QLA assessment to tell the “story” of every child.

You won’t have to wait for a report to be collated by a data manager or have to use multiple systems to gather all of the information about a child, subject or class.

Can I track important performance criteria such as Pupil Premium, SEN and Free School Meals?

Yes you can.

All relevant data for those groups of students can be identified, interrogated and aligned with any SIP required outcome.

This data can be drilled down to the individual student level and all segments within an organisation can be measured.

Can I identify curriculum learning areas where students are not up to the required level?

Yes you can!

When you create your own version of EDDi, the Assessor module will allow you to set the criteria for notifications of when students fail to achieve minimum attainment standards.

This will be set by question, module, subject

This intelligence is driven by integrating Question Level Assessment data into the Unified Data Model.

“Assessor” takes formative assessment results and builds the most complete data “story” at the individual student, class and subject level.

IT Leader/Data Manager

Can I fully automate the daily sync of my MIS data with Office 365?

Yes you can!

The SyncUP product removes the problems of  servicing Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS)

SyncUP is zero touch and runs on a daily basis.

It builds your data integrity and ensures accuracy in your MIS and Office 365 active directories

SyncUp reduces administrative workload by removing the need for CSV file updates.

SyncUP is a European and UK first and is exclusive to EDDi

Can I access all key data without having to use excel spreadsheets to link data sets?

Yes you can! EDDi Pro – Coming Soon – Q2 2018

Through the aggregation of data in EDDi, data managers can specify what data they want to see in a simple to use dashboard.

PowerUP training will enable IT and Data managers to create and tailor analytical reports to reflect the priorities of the SLT

Analytics is now self-service and managed from one place.

The user controls the data requirement and it will be available instantly.

Data can be seen from multiple sources not just the MIS and is aggregated to be shown in the way you want!

Can I build out my own data dashboards and share them with colleagues?

Yes you can!

EDDi works best when a school, a teacher or a MAT takes control for themselves.

Through our “EDDicator” programme, we train you how to do take control of EDDi and we encourage you to do it yourself!

EDDi is building a community of users who will share great ideas and help everyone build the most productive version of EDDi for their school or MAT.

Can I tailor dashboards by teacher, subject and year and have them updated automatically?

Yes you can!

There are no limits to the way your EDDi reports can be “sliced and diced” – if the data is collected then EDDi can show it in whatever way you wish.

This can be by student and all the way through to the MAT level.