Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDDi?

EDDi is a School Improvement System that empowers School leaders everyday.

School’s can test and measure student’s attainment utilising Question Level assessment.

EDDi creates a real time holistic picture at every stage and at every level for students, classes and year groups.

Will EDDi add more modules and functions?


We are just starting to build the capabilities of EDDi.

New modules and functions will be added in Q2 2018

Can you buy products separately?

Yes – EDDi is a rapidly developing platform with a series of products that will add value, save time and make teaching easier.

Our variety of product packages, will therefore allow you to choose how you wish to start working with EDDi.

Are there any hidden costs?

No – what you see is what you pay.

EDDi is committed to transparency in our costs to schools.

There are no additional charges once in contract with EDDi.

Additional modules will carry additional charges but they are on a purely voluntary basis and managed by you.

Can Multi Academy Trusts get discounts?

Yes – we actively encourage MAT’s and LEA’s to contact EDDi.

The true power of EDDi will be seen at the MAT level, with knowledge sharing and proactive data management possible.

Call us today to discuss your current position and we will be happy to offer substantial discounts.

Does a school have to replace systems and change the way we work to use EDDI?


EDDi works with every major MIS and has an Open API for your apps to integrate with.

The more learning resource app’s we can integrate with, the more useful EDDi becomes and the more powerful your data can be.

If school’s within the same MAT run on different MIS does that matter?!


Due to the Unified Data Model that drives EDDi, we can stop MAT’s having to ask schools to change MIS.

So your school can keep your current MIS and EDDi will still operate effectively… saving you time and money.

How does every school make their version of EDDI more powerful?

So we would like you to think of data as being the fuel for EDDI’s ‘brain’.

We want you to add every piece of data captured outside of your MIS and make the best possible EDDI for your school or MAT.

So don’t worry if you are a School, College or University, we will help you build your version of EDDi.

Is EDDI difficult to operate?


EDDi has been built to be user-friendly and easy to maintain.

EDDi automatically updates all aspects of data reports on a daily basis.

All EDDi products and services work seamlessly to eliminate the need to jump from one service to another.

This is supplemented by training to help you create your own personalised dashboards.

EDDI can be accessed by mobile, laptop and tablet.