Onboarding EDDi - What should you expect?

Stage 1 – Technical onboarding programme for SyncUP product  – Day 1 to 5

Stage 2 – Run SyncUP trial – school decides whether to continue SyncUP – Day 5 – 10

Stage 3 – School chooses whether to trial Teacher Dashboard 365 – Days 5 – 10

Stage 4 – Evaluate SyncUP and Teacher Dashboard 365 feedback – Days 15 -18

Stage 4 – Create EDDi ‘Assessor’ trial + training scheduled for teacher – Days 20 – 25

Stage 5 – PowerUP Lite Analytic boards training with data manager – Days 35 -40

Stage 6 – Review all aspects of EDDi and roadmap to building more integration – Days 50 -60

EDDi is built upon the core principles of innovation, improving the world of education and always ensuring that customers receive the best possible experiences when using our platform and products.

We believe that customer care does not start and stop when we have gained you as a customer, but rather than that is the first opportunity to impress you and gain your trust.

We do not make bold over the top promises about what we will do, we would like you to be the judge of our actions, not words.

The success of our relationship will begin with the onboarding of your school to the EDDi SyncUP service, as this allows all of the other great products on the EDDi platform to work seamlessly together.

Whilst this service can be completed in a matter of days, the introduction of other services will be carried out at a speed to suit your school, teachers and leadership. We appreciate that onboarding all of what EDDi has too offer will mean months of building trust and ensuring your satisfaction.

We start today.