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EDDi – Educational Data Daily Intelligence

askEDDi eliminates data “bottlenecks”, speeds up data analysis and empowers teachers to deliver targeted and effective interventions, with data insight products that work seamlessly together

Live view of school performance
Reducing data administration. Save 000's of hours every year.
Enabling targeted student interventions.


We understand the challenges educational leaders facing schools, Multi Academy Trusts, Local Education Authorities and Further Education.

EDDi drives more efficient organisations and reduces teacher workload by focusing on School Improvement outcomes and the elimination of process.

Problems with Data in Education

Data managers and teachers struggle under the workload and must do more with less time, to support senior leaders with their decision making.

Systems that don’t work together, so data is not seen holistically.
Time spent creating reports
Unnecessary labour intensive administrative processes
Administration overhead of managing formative assessment
Data is not accessible in real time
Understanding the effectiveness of learning resources


askEDDi has been built in partnership with teachers and for teachers to solve the problems of working with data.

Consistent and real time view of all available data across a school or MAT, with self-service options
Set, collect and analyse assessments by Question Level Analysis to deliver impact and immediate intervention
Support the teacher workload challenge by working smarter not harder
Increase student and parent engagement
Support organisational GDPR compliance
Compatible with every major MIS
Schools’ can better utilise the Office 365 platform for teaching and learning
Better analyse learning resources through outcome based measures
No system changes are required!
Real Time
Data from your MIS and other systems can be accessed in real-time to support key insights and decision making.
Assessor - Question Level Assessment service
Assessor allows schools to deliver Question Level Analysis of Assessment. Tests can be created, delivered, marked, analysed and utilised in a much more efficient and time relevant process.

QLA data is now available the following day and impacting on reteach strategies and segmented lesson plans.

Analysis of student, class, subject and year groups can be seen immediately.

In 2018, Assessor data will be able to be aggregated across Multi-Academy Trusts to enable best assessment practice to be shared across MATs.

Time & Cost Saving
EDDi reduces administration, speeds up teaching process, reduces teacher workload and saves costs.

EDDi works with Provisio365SDS to provides an automated SDS and class provisioning tool.

Schools using SDS can save up to 5 hours a week in managing CSV uploads to a schools MIS, generating a cost saving of approximately £4,000 p.a.

By using Assessor for Question Level Analysis and EDDi Unified, a teacher can reduce or eliminate time spent on reporting and analysis of data by 1.5 hours per week.

This equates to nearly 60 hours per academic year, per teacher!

This means that every teacher can work on average 1 week less per year!

This time can be taken in better work/life balance or directed towards other higher impact driven tasks and activities.

Up To Date
The Provisio365SDS service delivers a fully automated sync of a schools MIS and third party applications to Microsoft Office 365 Active Directory to keep both key systems in sync.

Office 365 Groups can be better utilised in the learning process and enables Single Sign On (SSO)

Unified Data Model
EDDi makes it easier for schools to manage data and deliver insight with a central data store.

Data sets like attendance, attainment, behaviour, assessments and digital learning apps can all be combined to create a holistic view of a student, cohort and education organisation.

Easy Integration
EDDi fully integrates with all major MIS and learning apps and resources, for a unified view of school data

This isn't about data, this is about individuals

For the first time School's can now see the whole student "story"

Who EDDi can help?

Head Teacher

A School Improvement System to track and measure progress

Instant access to all data sources

Empower teacher coaching & support culture

Reduce TEACHER WORKLOAD. Remove administration

Teachers self-serve data needs. Supporting targeted intervention

Real time intervention strategies with QLA assessment

Autonomous school improvement system. Data driven efficiency & performance gains


Help deliver intervention when its most needed

Achieve better teaching outcomes supported by QLA assessment

Reduce the amount of hours spent on data administration and manual analysis

A better work life balance

Gain better insight of student understanding and improve student progress by autonomous learning

I.T. / Data Manager

Make the school self-service focused through easy access to reports and analysis

Eliminate labour intensive processes and improve data integrity

Greater flexibility in Class Provisioning

Personalised reports for every teacher & school leader

No more CSV file updates for data system integrity

GDPR compliant system


 Fully Automated School Data Sync Product

Provisio365sds – Fully Automated SDS and Class Provisioning Service

£749 + vat p.a.

Multi Academy Trust discounts are available – POA