Case Study

Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust

This academic year, Liverpool Diocesan School Trust (LDST) has begun a pioneering introduction of a whole-school technology platform to improve the way they record, report and interpret assessment and attendance data.

Working closely with the team at askEddi, LDST have implemented a brand-new way of using data to improve pupil progress, learning outcomes and staff workloads.

LDST incorporates 16 Church of England schools across 6 local authorities in the Liverpool Diocese and have nearly 4000 pupils. LDST aim to be innovative, creative and at the forefront of curriculum and assessment in order to improve outcomes for their pupils

In summer 2018, LDST identified assessment data as a priority for development and something they wanted to advance together as a group of schools.

With 16 schools assessing each class in reading, writing and maths each term, they were generating a large amount of test data which had huge potential but the standard systems available to schools tended to be inconsistent, unwieldy and time consuming to manage.

LDST’s Trust Education Officer Laurie Kwissa led the taskforce to identify what additional technology could be introduced to help manage and interpret test data more effectively.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure all of our pupils start secondary school ready, and while testing is only one of the ways that we do this, it’s giving us a solid foundation to raise our standards and improve transition for every single pupil across the trust

Laurie Kwissa, LDST

Four headteachers from the Trust led the development to enable all schools to adopt the system consistently; with teachers creating standardised assessments for reading, writing and maths to be taken by pupils at the end of each term.

It was crucial for LDST that all the heads were included in the entire process and onboard with the changes to ensure the project was a success.

The results from the pupil assessments in reading, writing and maths were input into the askEddi platform straight after the tests were completed, with scores and comparisons ready at the click of a button.

The Trust has already seen a huge impact in many expected areas – less admin time, more transparency about performance and the ability to make valuable learning interventions with pupils, classes or groups immediately – but also in a number of added value areas.

Improved access to and interpretation of data has enabled LDST to work more closely with groups of disadvantaged pupils and track pupil progress. Instead of waiting weeks to see results from tests, they can review, change and adapt within days to aid understanding or for further exploration.

Future Plans

Looking to the future, we are already planning where we can take the data next. Working with the team at LDST, we are now implementing another module of the platform, this time recording and interpreting attendance data. While most of the Trust’s schools already have a great record for attendance, reporting systems vary from school to school and interpretation of the information is inconsistent.


With such a large group of schools collecting data we have a real opportunity to shape pedagogical approaches and curriculum interpretation at primary level.

Our pilot scheme in a live environment has the potential to change the way schools across the country manage and interpret data – significantly reducing teacher, school leadership and admin workloads, and most importantly using assessment information to improve learning outcomes for all children.

Tracking Attendance

The Attendance module of the askEddi platform allows simple input of daily pupil attendance data, with instant analysis available to help with pupil presence, punctuality and security.

Using a trust-wide system to instantly view the data means the problems with individual and group attendance can be identified straight away, with the potential to solve pupil wellbeing issues immediately.

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