Case Study

Manchester Enterprise Academy

We’ve been working with Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) since summer 2017, solving a wide range of problems that the Academy had with managing and interpreting their assessment data. We know that these issues affect many schools and have developed a game changing solution to help improve data processes and assessment analysis in schools.

As one of our pilot schools, the leadership team at MEA were given the opportunity to work with our team of expert developers to design a brand-new module for our platform which solves all of their data and curriculum interpretation issues.

Over the course of the school year, we analysed the assessment cycle and created Assessor – a module that improves input and interpretation of assessment data and, as part of the askEddi platform, generates teaching and whole school improvement benefits that support the Progress 8 attainment challenge.

Assessor will allow all of our teachers to access their assessment data in real time and through informed self-reflection they can become even better teachers.

David Bell MEA

The Assessor module of the askEddi platform facilitates simple input of assessment questions and results, with instant analysis at question level, mapped to the curriculum to see immediately where learning and knowledge gaps exist.

The potential of this data interpretation is huge, allowing teachers to see straight away if a whole class or a single student are struggling with a particular topic, drawing comparisons with the entire cohort, eventually across academic years and entire MATs.

We know that these are common figures across the UK and are confident that askEddi’s whole-school improvement platform can offer similar outcomes to all types of schools.

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The Problem

MEA recognised the scale of the issues that managing their assessment data were causing to their day to day processes. They included:

  • Unmanageable teacher and data manager workloads
  • Delays in receiving reports and results
  • Lack of valuable/relevant data.
  • Pupils being left behind when learning and knowledge gaps were missed

Solution Discovery

Working directly with the senior leadership team at MEA, we identified the following problems:

  • Senior leaders spending more than 70% of their admin time managing spreadsheets
  • Teachers “interpreting” data instead of dealing with facts
  • Teachers “estimating” grade outcomes rather than using data to make accurate predictions
  • Laborious data analysis for teachers
  • Lack of timely data feedback to teachers
  • Major impact on SLT operational efficiency

The Outcomes

After 18 months of using Assessor in a live school environment, MEA have identified a wide range of positive outcomes including:

  • Significant reduction in assessment SLT management time
  • Cross group reporting and administration
  • Instant data insight for teachers
  • Measurable uplift in the effectiveness of learning interventions
  • Improved quality of data insight delivered to teachers
  • Reduction in teacher workload
  • Happier, less stressed teaching community

Product Features

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