A whole school tracking & assessment system

Curriculum topic insight and Question Level Analysis are now linked

“…good teaching and assessment continually reinforce each other and generate continuous improvement”

Commission on Assessment without Levels – Final Report 2015

Insight & Intervention In Real Time

Benefits of Assessor

Create Assessments - print or online
Distribute & collate tests to all classes
In-app Analytics giving instant insight
Curriculum topic data & QLA linked directly to assessments
Full integrated into Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Word
Insight by student, test, class, year group and education organisation
Questions and tests are easily configurable
Incorporate assessment data into askEDDi 'IQ' for an holistic view of students “story” of achievement & progress


Let’s Talk About Assessor Today!


EDDi Assessor simplifies the process of creating, managing & analysing formative assessment.

Assessor is a whole school assessment and tracking system for all Key Stages, from Primary, Secondary through to Further Education.

Assessor enables teachers to manage formative assessment practices without bottlenecks or delays in data insight at the student, class, year, school or subject level.

Assessor will also be able to provide big data analytic solutions for Trust, local and national government.

Leaders and teachers can take ownership of the Assessment Cycle:

  1. Author
  2. Capture
  3. Analyse
  4. Intervention
  5. Moderation

There is now no need for spreadsheets and labour intensive manual analysis, Assessor cuts this process down from weeks of work to hours and minutes.

Teachers can make the necessary improvement and apply the right interventions in a timely manner. 

Assessor allows teachers to create and manage the process without numerous and complicated excel spreadsheets that take weeks to gain useful information from. Speeding up the collation and analysis process will make radically change a teachers ability to focus in on areas of weakness.

By using Assessor, education organisations can effectively map curriculum objectives to assessment results & analyse the effectiveness of subject knowledge to high areas of weakness for immediate intervention.

Learning objectives can be set with regular targeted assessments. Insights and analysis allows for immediate interventions and the ability to re-teach to drive up performance in weak areas.

Assessor has been built in partnership with teachers and education leaders who understand and regularly use formative assessments. We have developed an innovative solution that is flexible enough to cater to subject areas, teacher and senior leader needs.

We have created a framework that recognises various subject requirements so that assessments can be set in sectional format and scaled as required.

Teachers and school leaders will save valuable time and many hours in administering formative assessments and can apply this time back into value driven outcome based activities, instead of monotonous, manual data manipulation and analysis activities.

Schools within MAT’s will also be able to share best practice formative assessments and questions through the askEDDi platform creating a community of best practice for outcome based attainment and progress.