Fully Automated Microsoft School Data Sync

Class Provisioning Service

” Bicester school has now automated the secure integration of Office 365 with the Progresso MIS, saving the school approximately 3 hours a week…” – David Walker – Bicester School

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Benefits of Provisio365sds

Improved data integrity by removing processes needed to update and manage CSV files
Integrates with all popular MIS e.g. Sims, Engage & Progresso & Office 365
SDS Class Admin page lets you decide which subjects to create in School Data Sync
Use your timetable to create classes in Microsoft Teams for Education without user input
Complete automation of the Microsoft System Data Sync (SDS) service
Pilot and deploy when your teachers are ready, rather than to the whole school
Add/delete teachers & students from class lists, without having to change timetables
Create classes outside of your timetable and create links to third-party solutions
Zero touch solution
Full GDPR compliant

For too many years, Schools have had to battle to keep important data accurate and up to date.

The rise of cloud provision in schools has seen the incorporation and the growing popularity of platforms such as Office 365 across education and of other evolving technologies. Issues of data management have become integral to how schools operate and I.T. managers now spend many hours on issues such as Active Directories and MIS system data.

Emergence of learning resources has meant that the time consuming activity of updating CSV files has now become a serious challenge to schools administration.

Data managers as a result have to constantly list amendments to student rolls, teacher changes plus any class changes. This administrative nightmare represents a barrier to working efficiently and giving teachers the information in time to make a difference to a student

Provisio365sds ensures that an MIS and Office 365 active directories are reading the same information and for the first time in Europe, we now have a fully automated Microsoft System Data Sync (SDS).

This number of hours required per school for this administration has been estimated at between 80 – 120 hours every year.

When we apply a sensible cost per hour to that estimate it can be reasonable to estimate an annual cost of £1600 – £2000.

Provisio365 is GDPR compliant and so once we have necessary data permissions, it can be set live and have all relevant sync’d data within four working hours.