The Story of EDDi

Our Story

Founded in 2014, EDDi is the culmination of over 25 years of combined insight into the way data and technology is used in education.

The team behind EDDi are based in Liverpool in the North West of England and have brought varied and unique talents together, to form a team which looks at technology in education in a different way.

Founder Brendan Nel, is an “Edtech” entrepreneur with over 20 years of innovation and business building experience.

Originally from South Africa, Brendan’s belief is that technology  can do more than merely measure how a child is developing.

Brendan has envisioned a tech platform that will help change the life opportunities of students across the world, who are either “given up on” as not being talented enough to pass exams or “failed by a lack of ambition” in a school environment that cannot push the gifted to greater heights, due to the need to look after the majority.

The traditional organisation of a school and not the teachers, fails to value an individual student’s unique qualities in the pursuit of exam grades.

Brendan has always believed that technology can enable teaching to evolve and become “agile”, personalised and responsive to the needs of the individual. Solving how school’s can overcome these challenges has become the driving force in his entrepreneurial mission.

Why is EDDi needed?

Many of the problems experienced by schools are the unintended result of poor technology planning and an “edtech” market that hasn’t worked to benefit schools.

Technology and data issues have directly impacted teachers and school leaders on a daily basis, making teaching harder to deliver in an inspirational and effective manner.

As a result, broken support systems have meant that teachers cannot easily identify the “story” of each student and intervene at the most appropriate time. It became apparent that the same old story of managing data in MIS systems, which are designed to not work with other data sources, meant they were not going to be fit for purpose in the new world of app learning resources and formative assessment.

Through school partnerships and the support of leading figures in teaching, the team set about understanding all of these issues that plague schools and the lives of teachers, when dealing with data.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, a new platform of products and solutions emerged, with schools and colleges validating every aspect of EDDi and the way we solve problems. The end result is a platform that changes what is possible for leaders and enables teachers to teach and for schools to achieve excellence.

Meet The Management Team

Brendan Nel – CEO & Founder

Originally from South Africa, Brendan now lives in North West England with his wife and two sons.

My Hero is…..Nelson Mandela

My secret fact is that… Being awarded junior Springbok colours at the age of 15 and competing in the European Karate Championships

I am passionate about….family, building good teams and being an entrepreneur

My ambition is….to start an education foundation to build a school in South Africa

Dan Reil – CTO & Co-Founder 

From Liverpool and a fanatic LFC supporter. After working in higher education, Dan became increasingly frustrated by the technical “desert” he encountered. Through meeting at Edge Hill University, Brendan and Dan formed a powerful partnership to deliver the answer to the problems they felt were common across the world. Passionate about pushing the boundaries, Dan has been the architect of the unique “Unified Data Model” that has become the cornerstone of the EDDi platform.

My Hero is….Steve Jobs

My secret fact is that….I lost 8 stone in 18 months!

I am passionate about….Liverpool Football Club and Pokemon

My ambition is to…..developing the potential of my team and solutions that makes a difference

Adrian McDonald – Commercial Manager & Co-Founder

From Liverpool and a keen sportsman – With over 20 years sales and marketing experience working with many world renowned brands. Adrian has joined the team with the ambition to fulfil the global ambitions of

My Hero is….anyone who starts a business

My Secret fact is that….I am 0.5 inches shorter than when I was 18 due to rugby injuries

I am passionate about….poker, cooking and family

My ambition is… leave a legacy of success and friendships