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The Open Data Project for Schools is a first of its kind collaboration between ASCL and selected partners.

askEddi are proud to be delivering the school improvement platform that lets you gather, interpret and share attendance data.

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askEddi is a whole school improvement platform for school leaders, teachers, data managers and attendance leads.

Our core product for Attendance works with your existing Management Information System. It reduces workload and administration so you have better quality information, and more time to act and deliver intervention when it really matters.

We’ve partnered with ASCL to deliver the Open Data Project for Schools to pioneer a new way of managing and reporting pupil attendance.

Immediately pinpoint persistent absence with fast reporting

Reduce Workload

More time to take action and make a difference

Save Time

Reduce the administration burden across the school

Why attendance?

Regular school attendance and educational attainment are inextricably linked. Regular attendance minimises the likelihood of a young person of being NEET, reduces social exclusion and improves employment chances (impacts upon socioeconomic status and intergenerational poverty).

Nonetheless, reducing absence is a challenging and complex task.

Data sitting dormant in a school’s MIS is worthless unless it can be reported on in a manner which provides hidden insights and assists targeting of interventions to improve attendance, development and learning.

Regulations stipulate that admission and attendance registers must be preserved for three-years. Despite this, historical trends aren’t analysed.

This valuable dataset is not used to its full potential.

We want to change the way attendance is recorded reported and acted on in schools. Working with ASCL’s network of school leaders we have the opportunity to change the way attendance data is used in schools for the better, helping schools to tackle persistent absence and spot patterns before they become a major problem.

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The Open Data Project for Schools is a first of its kind initiative to transform the way schools record and manage attendance and behavioural patterns. Our ambition is to connect schools nationwide to facilitate communication and sharing, and ultimately improve the education sector as a whole.

Introduction to Attendance:

School accountability is largely established through the publication of performance tables by the Department for Education (DfE), sometimes more than six months after the pupils concerned have left the school.

In order to populate these performance tables, large amounts of data are collected from schools each year. Performance tables in this form are generally static and historic and waste the valuable data which schools have spent time and resource collecting and processing.

What are the timescales?

The askEddi platform is available for schools to sign up to now and is already in use at more than 50 schools. We need our Open Data Project schools to register with the platform before the end of the Spring 2020 term to begin adding and processing their data.

What is the ODPS?

The Open Data Project for Schools (ODPS) aims to place schools firmly at the heart of performance management, giving them ownership and authority over the data they collect and rebalancing accountability towards those pupils currently on roll. This means that schools can learn from the data sooner and still have time to make a difference.

The ODPS further aims to provide a safe, non-commercial environment needed for the use of Big Data techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Both are required for the next steps in understanding pupils’ learning. The Secretary of State for Education has recently given the sector several technology challenges and this includes the use of AI.

How does it work?

The key first step is to connect to schools’ management information systems (MIS) and extract data to a central data hub. Our central data hub will be powered by askEddi, a UK-based EdTech company who have developed a purpose-designed platform to manage data for schools.

A central data hub makes it possible for schools to benchmark many of their key business processes. In particular it creates an environment where schools can compare the performance and behaviours of pupils currently in the school.

Compare Year Groups

Custom reports for form, class and year groups

Quickly identify patterns and changes

Simple Interface

Intuitive dashboard with up to date reports

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