askEddi have built a school transition portal that connects primary and secondary schools to support pupils with useful, relevant information to link primary progress with secondary planning and development. Starting with Year 6 school transition into Year 7, the askEddi SixIntoSeven portal securely shares Year 6 transition attainment information with the destination secondary. askEddi piloted this portal in 2020 as part of a Covid-19 pandemic response to the cancellation of SATs and are running SixIntoSeven again in 2021 to support hundreds of schools in our second year.

In 2021, Building on the success of the SixIntoSeven attainment grid for year 6 transition, askEddi have developed an extended Year 6 to Year 7 school transition portal for groups of schools, local authorities and MATs, which incorporates the transition forms and spreadsheets that schools use to communicate key pupil information. This includes, but is not limited to: EAL, ECHP, SEND, attendance, as well as other areas of academic attainment that are not currently recorded such as modern foreign languages and humanities.

The askEddi school transition portal is in pilot across two local authorities in 2021 and we will make it available to all UK schools next year. Working closely with the local authorities to shape the information that their schools need to share, our transition portal allows the secure transmission of all transition information from feeder primary to the specific destination secondary only.

Our goal is to facilitate a central point for all things transition, building on our existing primary to secondary product with a comprehensive solution for all movement between phases of education (nursery to reception, infant to junior, KS3 to KS4….).

Working in this way ensures that pupil information remains safe, consistent and straightforward, removing layers of paperwork and administration.

We are keen to speak to more Local Authorities, School Improvement Services, Learning Partnerships, MATs and groups of schools to support networks of schools to work together. A successful transition from one phase of education to the next supports pupils to have the best opportunity enables pupils to settle in quickly and quickly continue their learning journey.

One professional to another, for the benefit of the child.