Data Insight & Intervention in Real Time

Our pilot Assessment product works with your existing MIS. It reduces administration and data analysis by teachers, so they have more time to act and deliver impact where it matters.

How can Assessor make a difference to you?

Spot the gaps

Gives schools full autonomy in curriculum design and to identify knowledge gaps. Reports have national and group-based benchmarking to inform and validate evidence-based impact.

This supports schools to implement assessment and improvement strategies along with smart intervention planning.

Supports Teachers

Provides a comprehensive breakdown of each test question, identifying where hidden factors are affecting performance.

This supports teaching, learning and learner’s progress with real time, accurate, measurable data.

Saves you Time

Reduces the amount of time spent on data administration, providing instant results and analysis to act on.

Reports and dashboards are easy to access and interpret. Curriculum leads and senior management have accurate and timely information to support whole school improvement initiatives

Product Features

Assessment Cycles

Create new cycles for each academic year and access all subjects for individual tests carried out for each student

Question Level Analysis

Fully automated and immediate

Identifies knowledge gaps and intervention required to improve both learner and teacher performance

Summative Assessment

Instant analysis by student, class, year, subject and cohort to identify gaps in learning and knowledge

Performance benchmarking in schools, across groups and nationally


Using assessment results to build an evidence-based attainment story at individual student, subject and class level

Curriculum Design

Customise the curriculum at question level to meet the needs of your school

Map individual questions to curriculum strands to give both depth and assurance of quality results

Easy to create and distribute termly assessments across all subjects


Fully integrated with all major Management Information Systems

Use alongside your existing systems

Export assessment data to MIS

Ask us how Assessor can improve results in your school:

“askEddi allows schools to deal with information from current and previous years without having to go through various systems and archived reports. They are able to leverage the learning from the previous year into the next which allows them to gain deeper insights and understand trends and patterns that are forming.”

Brendan Nel, Founder & CEO askEddi