Get a head start on school data

The ASCL Open Data Project for Schools is the ideal starting point for schools to understand and benchmark their data. Schools that enrol now can get set up this term and be fully prepared for the new school year. 

The project places schools firmly at the heart of performance management, giving you ownership and authority over the data you collect and rebalancing accountability towards pupils that are currently on roll. 

It’s a safe, non-commercial environment for the use of Big Data techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Both are required for the next steps in understanding pupils’ learning. 
The Open Data Project is hosted on a cloud-based platform, which means you can access from wherever you are. Staff can be connected and trained remotely on the system now, and as part of your ASCL membership you’ll only start paying a subscription fee from September. Find out more and sign up at

[First published in the Association of School and College Leaders’ email newsletter for members 27/04/2020]