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“Supporting children using data is a challenge as the information tends to be outdated and difficult to extract. With the Open Data Project we can forensically identify the bit of data we need and compare it with last week, last year and benchmark against other schools in our local authority and across the country.”

David Waugh – Head Teacher, Poynton High School and Vice President, ASCL.

ASCL is making the collaborative Open Data Project available for all schools. Data from schools’ management systems will be used to support individual or groups of schools to learn from each other.

Using modern dashboards and analytical methods we will explore previously unknown links and patterns in schools’ data. Together, we are building a democratic self-improving data system which gives schools back control of their data and their potential.

Government driven accountability can go some way to improving a system. But to become truly great, schools themselves need to drive improvement. Understanding what works, by sharing aggregated data of any type, allows schools to test and learn from each other.”

Duncan Baldwin – Deputy Policy Director, ASCL.

Starting with Attendance

We want to change the way attendance is recorded, reported and acted on in schools. Working with ASCL’s network of school leaders we have the opportunity to ensure attendance data is used in schools for the better, helping schools to tackle persistent absence and spot patterns before they become a major problem.

The Open Data Project for Schools is a first of its kind initiative delivered by ASCL to transform the way schools record and manage attendance and behavioural patterns, using the askEddi data platform which sits on top of your existing MIS. Our ambition is to connect schools nationwide to facilitate communication and sharing, and ultimately improve the education sector as a whole.

What are the timescales?

More than 50 schools are already connected as part of our pilot and we are ready for more to sign up now! We need our Open Data Project schools to register with the platform before the end of the Summer 2020 term to begin adding and processing their data.

The project places schools firmly at the heart of performance management, giving them ownership and authority over the data they collect and rebalancing accountability towards those pupils currently on roll.

This means that schools can learn from the data sooner and still have time to make a difference.

It’s a safe, non-commercial environment for the use of Big Data techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Both are required for the next steps in understanding pupils’ learning. The Secretary of State for Education has recently given the sector several technology challenges and this includes the use of AI.


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