SixIntoSeven 2021 is live!

We are very excited to announce that our Year 6 to Year 7 transition portal is now live, ready for schools to sign up and start using.

For anyone who hasn’t yet registered, you can do so now on the portal via

Schools who used SixIntoSeven last year will be able to log in with the email address and password they used last year, or you can request to reset your password if you have forgotten!

The team at askEddi have built SixIntoSeven in consultation with the Association of School and College Leaders, to develop this service following a pilot that some of our schools took part in last year.

Our goal for the project is to ensure that secondary schools receive a complete set of pupil attainment information from their feeder primaries, presented in a simple, consistent way. Having access to this information ahead of the summer break will allow secondaries to prepare for their intake and identify any focus areas for the new term.

For all schools, the portal is a simple way to manage transition data in one place instead of numerous spreadsheets. Working in this way ensures that the efforts primaries have made with their Year 6 pupils are recorded and passed on to secondaries, helping support a smooth transition.

Key facts:

  • Both primary and secondary schools will upload to the portal a CSV list of their Year 6/7 pupils with their UPN (download this from the school MIS). This is the information the system will use to match the pupils.
  • Secondary schools will invite their primary schools to “connect’ by sending a request through the portal to the primary head teacher’s email address.
  • Primary headteachers must log in to the portal to accept the invitations to ensure a connection is made. Additional users can be set up on the school’s account.
  • Primary teachers will complete the professional judgements once, no matter how many secondaries they connect with.
  • Primary teachers can add a “flag’ on the pupil information page to indicate further discussion with the secondary (positive or negative) is needed in person or on a call.
  • Secondary heads will only see the pupil information for the pupils they are expecting.
  • The group has purchased SixIntoSeven licenses for all secondaries to take part (primaries use it for free) so there’s nothing for schools to pay.

For help or support with technical aspects of SixIntoSeven please visit or email