About Us

Founded by EdTech entrepreneur Brendan Nel in 2014, askEddi is a is a whole school improvement platform supporting teachers, data managers and school leaders.  The culmination of over 25 years of combined insight into the way data and technology is used in education, askEddi have worked in close collaboration with educators and software developers to create a game-changing solution to the problem of data in schools.

Already in use in schools across the whole of the UK, askEddi have launched their core products Assessor and Attendance in 2019 and are rapidly changing the way data is added and interpreted by teachers, school leaders and data managers.

Eddi stands for Education data intelligence and our goal is to become integrated into day to day life in schools as the go-to for any questions about test scores, attendance, national benchmarking and student performance.

The team behind askEddi are based in Liverpool, UK and have a passion for improving learning outcomes for learners in schools from all backgrounds, ensuring every test score can be accurately interpreted to allow targeted interventions.

Our belief is that technology can do more than merely measure how a child is developing.

We imagined a tech platform that will help change the opportunities of students across the world, who are not currently being adequately served by the testing structure of their education system. Working closely with educators, we identified that the biggest gap is in the collection and interpretation of test data, and have developed a world-first platform to support question level analysis. Led by Co-Founder Dan Reil, our team are continuing to develop additional data solutions for schools, with many more features to come later this year.

Our platform works with existing Management Information Systems to allow teachers, and data managers to view up to date attendance, create custom reports, calculate test scores and identify learning gaps in real time.

We know that a huge stressor for teachers is the amount of time spent creating and inputting data, and our initial trials have shown that our platform can reduce data inputting time by 30%! With one in three teachers leaving the profession stating the pressures of data as a major factor, we know that our platform can improve the lives of teachers and give them more time to focus on teaching.

In 2020 we are excited to be working with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) on a first-of-its-kind Open Data Project, bringing together school leaders across the UK to help them use their attendance data to really make a difference to pupils rather than waiting for league tables and government benchmarking. Find out more and enrol your school here.