AskEddi Roadmap

AskEddi has been built to assist school leaders and teachers in their pursuit of continuous development to support delivery of their School Improvement Plans (SIP).

Built over a two-year period in consultation with education leaders, teachers, students and as a key Microsoft Education Partner, askEddi is the “data brain” of a school or MAT.

No longer will it be one class with one lesson plan, but lessons will instead be planned around student needs with dynamic sets and increased levels of understanding. This will ensure that no one is “left behind” or failed by the system.

AskEddi is the platform that allows every school to deliver the “Marginal gains” theory, that is adopted by elite teams across sport and business. In education it would see school leaders break down every aspect of managing a school, an individual student experience and then seek ways to consistently improve various aspects by 1% every month.

When a school aggregates all of the “marginal gains” being made by each student, the result is transformational in outcomes and life opportunities for students.

In 2018 we launched our cornerstone product Assessor which combines all of our research and experience to present the ideal system to add, interpret and work with assessment data in schools.

Our team are developing a wide range of complimentary systems which will track a wide variety of other data sources for schools such as attendance. Working with existing MIS, providing a user-friendly interface and delivering genuine results for schools, teachers and learners, our current schools are overwhelmed by the results they are seeing.

We understand the demands of modern education and will always see it as our role to support teachers and students in everything they do.

Talk to us about how we can help improve your work-life balance, help solve problems with struggling students, or help your school deal with data overload.