On Friday 27th September, 40 staff from across the Liverpool Diocese Schools Trust (LDST) gathered to get first hand experience of the askEddi platform.

Maths and English subject leaders attended the session to learn how to navigate the askEddi platform, using the intuitive dashboard to analyse their school data. The group could see immediately the benefits of the platform for target setting and action planning as well as the opportunities to transform how their schools use data.

LDST have been using our core product Assessor in their Liverpool primary schools over the past year and are rolling out Attendance this year.

The subject leaders commented that they were excited about the potential of the platform and were looking forward to working collaboratively on their analysis and reports sections of assessment reporting.

Our CTO Dan Reil led the training, noting that the engagement and understanding of the subject leaders was fantastic to see: “The askEddi platform really comes into its own the more schools that use it. On an individual student level, the data has the ability to change learning journeys – on a trust-wide basis we have the opportunity to revolutionise the way the attendance and assessment are recorded and interpreted.”

We’re building a strong partnership with LDST and their Education Leadership team to make Assessor the best/leading product to meet Primary needs who are adopting standardised assessment practices. We are already saving a week’s worth of work every term for a Head Teacher by not having to manually calculate and prepare termly assessment reports. Every day saved helps our school leaders impact on their pupils learning outcomes and increase performance standards for their schools.

Read more about the way that LDST are using askEddi in our case study.

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