We’ve created a whole school improvement platform supporting teachers, data managers and school leaders.

We can transform the way schools collect, interpret and act on assessment data, saving admin time and improving learning outcomes.

Why do we do this? Our founder Brendan Nel explains more:

AskEddi has been built with big ambitions that solve bigger problems.

Over the past five years we’ve worked directly with educators and world-leading developers to create a platform that provides user friendly solutions to problems faced by teachers and school leaders every day.

This platform will be transformational in how digital assets are used in schools and the value they give to a school or Multi-Academy Trust in the pursuit of continuous school improvement.

At the heart of what we do is the belief that learners can be better served by the testing system in education. With a constant stream of assessments and the ever increasing importance of curriculum based testing, we found that both teachers and students had little idea of how they were performing and what they could do to improve.

Our mission is….

To change the process of teaching from being planned, reactive, class driven and bogged down in administration; to agile, proactive and personalised, with accurate real time information and insight on demand. 

Our core philosophy is that technology should support every leader, teacher and student to build the most personally relevant and effective educational experience possible, without cumbersome process or difficulty.

We believe that every school should be seen as hundreds of individuals “stories” being written at the same time.

Our platform is designed to allow teachers to understand each of those ‘stories’ easily, so that they can identify the potential of every individual student and then guide them on their personal learning journey.

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