askEddi is a whole school improvement platform

Track, intepret and act on your school data in a meaningful way

Attendance Matters

Our core product Attendance Matters has been developed with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) to provide a straightforward, highly effective attendance analysis system that works with your existing MIS.

Attendance Matters reduces administration and the need for data analysis using spreadsheets. It makes attendance data useful, providing insights that are trackable against current and past terms, and can also be used to benchmark against other schools in your MAT and nationwide.


Assessor is an assessment management system that works with your existing MIS. It reduces administration and data analysis by teachers, so they have more time to act and deliver impact where it matters.

Access instant analysis by student, class, year, subject and cohort to identify gaps in learning and knowledge. Use assessment results to build an evidence-based attainment story at individual student, subject and class level