Over the next five years, “agile schools and teaching” will develop as a philosophy, with assessment at the core of how a school operates.

We will see teachers allocate more time and resources to smaller closely aligned groups of students within a class and guide these groups in a direction that matches with their common interests, goals and levels of understanding.

AskEddi has also been designed and built in partnership with educators and school leaders to support:

  • Progressive changes and the move towards digital education
  • Teachers and the learning organisation becoming more agile and proactive to the needs of individual students
  • Supporting schools in the creation of more autonomous, school-led systems, with school self-evaluation at the centre of it.
  • Giving every teacher the ability to identify and stretch talented students at an early stage through formative assessment.

 “Agile” teaching uses real time feedback and a holistic data view. Teachers have a deeper knowledge of individual students and identify the correct interventions at an earlier stage, in real time and with an ability to access data on their own terms.

Schools will become smarter and develop data “intelligence” over time in a complex variety of areas.

As our platform is populated with more data by schools, it will be able to identify opportunities to engage and motivate students with personalised learning journeys that both challenge and support that individual student.

We understand the demands of modern education and see it as our role to support teachers and students in everything they do, ensuring the best outcomes for everyone.

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